20 Best Quotes from The Kissing Booth 3, Netflix Series

In a few days, the third installment in Elle and Noah’s love story will arrive on Netflix. There’s a lot to resolve for Elle in this August’s third movie that will have been out little over a year, so it’s fortunate it arrived so quickly.

Elle and Lee had always had a “Beach Bucket List” of the things they wanted to do together before they went away to college, and since it’s their last summer at the beach house, they are taking advantage of the opportunity to cross some of those off their list.

Captions form The Kissing Booth 3

  • When you decide to escape reality, eventually you are gonna have to come back to it.
  • May be your choice have more to do with what other people want. May be its time you think about what you want.
  • People pass through our lives, some of them fade into memories, but a few become part of who you are.
People pass through our lives kissing booth 3 quotes