15 Types of French Fries a food lover must know

The French Fries come in all shapes and sizes and are eaten with burgers, sandwiches, and even alone. They are prepared from potatoes sliced into wedges or sticks and then deep-fried.

Here is a list of 15 varieties of fries that you must try:

1. Standard Cut

French fries known as Standard Cut are a common, traditional version of the food. They are usually eaten with burgers or accompanied by dips. They are deep-fried and seasoned with salt. Add pepper, garlic, and parsley to it to spice it up. Additionally, they cook quickly at home.

standard cut French fries

2. Tornado fries

Fried Tornado fries Potato street food

As a street food, tornado fries emerged in South Korea. Whole spiral-cut potatoes are deep fried and topped with several seasonings, such as cheese, honey, or onions. These fries can also be served with sausages.

3. Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato french fries

Sweet potato fries are made with sweet potatoes. They can take many different forms, such as a tater tot, a waffle, or a standard cut. You can even dip them or top them with marshmallow cream, honey, or sugar syrup to make them into desserts. In comparison with white potatoes, they are more nutritious and lower in carbohydrates and calories.

4. Poutine

Poutine dish french fries

Poutine originates in Quebec, Canada. They are served with cheese curds and brown gravy. It was invented in 1950. There’s nothing better than late-night drunken food. French fries are used with thin gravel and regular cuts.

5. Pommes Souffles

A pommes souffle is a fried potato slice. Then, after cooling down, it is again fried at 375°F. This causes them to puff up like balloons when they turn golden brown.

6. Potato Wedges

A potato wedge is a potato fry with the surface. Served fried and baked, these large wedges are sizeable. Australians top their tacos with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. Also called “JoJo” fries.

7. Shoestring

The shoestrings are fried potatoes that are very thinly sliced. In Cuban cuisine, these are often used as sandwich tops, also called papas Julianas. You can enhance the taste of your dish by adding cheese and chili.

8. Chili Cheese Fries

Chili Cheese Fries are Cheese Fries topped with chilli. You can have it for a family dinner or a movie night with shoestring fries, chilli, and shredded cheese.

9. Curly Fries

One of the best things about the curly fries is the springlike shape. They are made by spiralizing potatoes. These are sometimes called “Goldilocks fries.” They’re seasoned, or they’re breaded.

10. Garlic Fries

Fried potatoes topped with garlic are called garlic fries. Aside from the salt, parsley, and grated Parmesan cheese, they are served with chopped garlic and parsley. It goes well with sandwiches or burgers.

11. Loaded Fries

As if cheese fries weren’t enough, we serve them with mac and cheese, sour cream, bacon, red sauce, and jalapenos. This turns them into the main course, rather than a side dish. A great example is the snack known as nacho fries.

12. Smiley

Known as Smile fries, they are round french fries shaped like a smiley face with two eyes and a cutout mouth. Among the fries, they are the lowest grade. From the outside, they are crunchy and soft inside.

13. Steak Fries

It gets its name from the fact that it is served with steak. They are not the same as steak fritters, which contain only steak. Their versatility makes them suitable for any recipe. The interior is fuzzy and they have a nice heft of crisp edges. A few seasonings make them easy to prepare.

14. Cottage Fries

Potato chips are similar to Cottage Fry. Potatoes cut into round shapes with or without their skins. You can either deep-fry them or bake them. They are spiced with cayenne pepper, black pepper, and other herbs. “Home fries” and “cottage fries” are two terms that are used interchangeably.

15. Crinkle Fries

A fry made of crinkle-cut potatoes topped with cheese or deep-fried. Since they are manufactured from identical machines, they are considered unnatural today.