The Story of Micah and Paul: Love Is Blind Season 4

Micah and Paul’s love story on Love Is Blind season 4 may have had an unhappy ending, but it was still a journey worth following.

Love Is Blind season 4 was full of surprises, and Micah Lussier and Paul Peden’s journey was no exception. Here’s a breakdown of their love story and what happened after the finale.

Micah and Paul’s Love Story

  • Micah and Paul were the second couple to get engaged in the pod stage of Love Is Blind season 4.
  • Micah initially connected with Kwame Appiah, but decided to explore her connection with Paul instead.
  • Paul admitted that Micah was quite different from his usual type, but they bonded during their time in Mexico and while they lived together in Seattle.
  • Micah and Paul even met each other’s family and friends leading up to their wedding.

The Fate of Micah and Paul

  • In the finale episode, Micah refused to say yes or no when asked if she would marry Paul, opting to give him the opportunity to answer first.
  • Paul ultimately said no, citing that they were not at the point of choosing each other.
  • Micah voiced that Paul never made her feel wholly loved, which led to her running away in tears.
  • After the show, Micah and Paul briefly got back together, but their emotional conversation during the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion made it clear that they were better off apart.

What Happened After the Finale?

  • Paul explained during the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion that he and Micah did briefly date and try to make their broken relationship work.
  • Paul said they dated until Micah had to leave Seattle to return to Arizona, and when he visited her there, he knew the relationship was over.

Despite the unhappy ending, Micah and Paul’s love story on Love Is Blind season 4 was still a rollercoaster worth watching.