XO, Kitty on Netflix

XO, Kitty is a new show that is related to the To All The Boys movies. It is about Kitty, who is the younger sister of the main character, Lara Jean Covey.
The show takes place after the three movies and follows Kitty as she moves from her home in Portland to Seoul to be with her boyfriend, Dae, who she met in the third movie. They first met at Namsan Tower in Seoul and started a long-distance relationship, and now Kitty is going to live with him there.

XO, Kitty will be premiering globally on May 18, 2023, exclusively on Netflix. Although there is no official trailer for the show yet, Netflix has released a first clip from the series to coincide with the premiere announcement. In the clip, Kitty is shown as a more grown-up character, making her case to move to Korea to be with her boyfriend, Dae.