Ava Grey : Girl in “Atlanta” Season 3

If you search online for season three episode eight of Donald Glover’s TV show Atlanta, called “New Jazz,” you’ll see that it was nominated for an award called an Emmy.
Many people who searched for this episode wanted to know who the actress was who played a character named Lorraine.

Her name is Ava Grey and she is 26 years old. In the episode, Lorraine gives unsolicited advice to a character named Paperboi, played by Brian Tyree Henry, while they go to different bars in Amsterdam. Even though some people have criticized the way that Atlanta shows Black women, Ava’s acting was really good and people liked her character.
She played Lorraine as a mix of someone who is a bit mysterious and someone who flirts, but is also really charming. One article said that Ava’s acting made it seem like she represents the future of TV.