Addison Rae Fragrance: Everything We Know

She may have danced her way into our hearts on TikTok, but Addison Rae is well on her way to becoming a multihyphenate sensation. She has been booked and busy for the past year as she has starred in her first movie, released new music, and created Item Beauty. Along with releasing a Snapchat original series soon, Addison is also releasing her own fragrance line.

Fans are now trying to get their hands on Addison Rae Fragrance – ARF for short – after the star teased it on Instagram in October 2021. Find out everything we know about Addison Rae Fragrances, from its products to descriptions of its scents.

How many perfumes are being dropped?

In partnership with Hampton Beauty, Addison released fragrances that align with your current mood. She will soon launch a fragrance collection similar to a mood ring, except with scents. There will be three water-based scents in the AF collection:

  • Chill AF: blend of pear blossom, chamomile tea, and soothing sandalwood
  • Happy AF: floral and fruity blend of pink lychee, red grapefruit, and dewy peony
  • Hyped AF: blend of blood orange, pineapple flower, and musk

WWD reports that the fragrances are cruelty-free and created using upcycled materials. Since the fragrances are alcohol-free, they are hydrating, long-lasting, and safer to use on skin and hair.

In an interview with the outlet, Hampton Beauty’s managing partner, Lori Mariano, explained that the fragrances are developed using neuroscience technology.

“The ingredients were presented to respondents, and they read their reactions to the scent, and it affected the part of the brain that controls emotion,” Lori told WWD. When the calming part of the brain is affected, those ingredients become [Chill AF]. It’s entirely science-based. It’s a fun and new approach to fragrance.”

What do the fragrance bottles look like?

The rounded bottles resemble glowing orbs of energy and auras. Based on the temperature of the bottle, the color changes to reflect your mood.

“It’s like a mood ring,” Addison told WWD. “Never before have I seen something like this.”