Vir Das Shared his Board Exam Mark Sheet on Facebook & It prove that just Marks are not important!

Board exams are no less than a war for students and their parents. In this difficult journey, everyone wishes to sail smoothly; even parents do all possible things so that their kids get the best marks. Trying out spiritual way, enrolling the kids’ for tuition and staying up all night is quite common during exams. But have you thought about one thing? Are marks the only thing that matter in life?

Well, it’s not that! There are many other things that hold a great importance in our lives and bout, students and parents should realize this. We hear of many cases wherein parents put too much pressure on kids and scold them left and right if they score less marks in exams.

Board exams have knocked the door now and amidst this, Vir Das, the famous comedian has an important message for all. Well, he has shared his mark sheet of board exams on Facebook along with an inspirational message and everyone should learn from it. Here’s his FB post..

Although he scored average marks in exams i.e. just 66 percent, he has earned a good name for himself, thanks to his extracurricular talent. Not only this, Vir Das also shared an inspiring message for all the kids. You need to read it..
To all the Kids who are going to be sitting for their Board Exams. Best of luck. I don’t have much wisdom to offer, I’m not a particularly wise person…but I know about 6 things. I’m sharing them with you.
How you are going to do is not certain. What is certain is the following:

1. These exams WILL NEVER define who you are inside.

2. With each passing year, the importance that you and everyone around you attach to these exams will fade away..

3. Whether your results are amazing or not doesn’t prevent your personality from being amazing. At the end of each day of your life people remember who you are not how you did.

4. If you do well, you have a moral responsibility to look out for those that didn’t and give them love and support. If you don’t do well, you have a moral responsibility to everyone that loves and supports you… to take care of yourself.                                                                      

5. Your parents love you, and they are proud of you. No matter how strangely, silently, loudly, or indirectly they show it.. they always will be.                                                                              

Breathe! You’re better than this piece of paper.
Best of Luck.