Noticed the Different Colors on Road Milestones? This is What it Means

You don’t need to be a travel blogger to have this question in your head? If you have travelled by road to any place, you may have seen this on the road. No, we are not talking about cattle, and dogs but we are talking about road milestones.

And the really question is why these road milestones have different colors. You may think that it has something to make the milestones look beautiful, but, there is actually a reason behind painting the milestones in that manner. These color code reflect the kind of road you are travelling on.

  1. Yellow Color

While travelling on roads, you may have seen milestones with yellow and white color. This means you are on a national highway.

  1. Green Color

While travelling if you spot a milestone with green color, it means you are travelling on a state highway.

  1. Black, Blue and White Color

If you are travelling on road and you see a black, blue or white color milestone, then it means you are travelling on a city or district road.

  1. Orange Color

Orange color milestones are used in villages. These milestones are found on village roads that come under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana.