Top Fashion Bloggers in America

Fashion is forever. We always look upto celebrities for fashion trends. Well fashion blogging is a new kind of business these days.

Even in the age of Instagram Fashion bloggers take the share of their pie. Although fashion blogs are at an all-time peak, we can’t argue against the fact that social media sites like Instagram remain the single largest forum to funnel traffic to fashion blogs.

But we don’t whine, so that makes our lives twice as easy. It’s a hashtag challenge out there, and that’s how we get deep into people’s profiles—engrossed, enamored, and even missed a few days while browsing one hashtag after another.  Yet, despite all, several fashion bloggers continue to stand out. And today, we’re going to learn about them. If your thing is to be fashioned and revised, you ought to adopt them! Please look at the list below!

OG Fat Girl

Gabi Gregg set out on this quest to fix the infuriating divide for larger women. She began a blog about ten years ago to demonstrate and pave the way to encourage body positivity while becoming impeccably trendy, lively, and colorful. Her dresses are full of life, much like her, and so is her Premme range of clothes that caters to shapes and sizes. She gave what she dubbed ‘the fatkini’ by working with ‘Playful Promises’ and ‘Swimsuits .’ She taught us how it was achieved. We need more people like her, and we get to follow her around thanks to social media.

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Make My Lemonade

Paris fashion blogger and DIY queen Lisa Gachet began blogging a couple of years ago. They’ve recently launched a brand that embodies what they genuinely believe in – Do It Yourself Fashion. It’s an exciting idea of limited edition apparel that represents your style but is inexpensive. Her brand is exclusive, and her feed is vibrant. Join her for all of this and more.

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A 5-foot little author inspires you in more ways than one. A fashion blogger with a passion for women, craft, culture, and music puts it all together. Wendy wears many hats; she’s an author, content developer, and youth rights champion who’s as passionately trying to support foster children because she knows the challenge because she’s been one. From changing foster homes to graduating from UCLA, Berkeley in Psychology, she is also an inspiration to be an influencer. She claims you can rope it all together and make fashion statements that mimic it all. Check out her blog for some much-needed inspiration.

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Does My Bum Look 40

At the age of 43, Kat Farmer is a fashion writer, style manager, personal stylist, and full of fun. In her terms, she’s struggling to conquer the 40s without being nimble, and her remarks are precisely that. There’s an enticing balance of feminine, floral, and trendy parts put together to redefine the look.

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Accidental Icon

Lynn Slater started the ‘Accidental Icon’ blog because of the lack of fashion sites related to women’s needs in the 50s, 60s, and beyond. You’re not going to meet that many people like her, but you know the future needs more. With snow-white coiffed hair, this 60-year-old grandma is living it all up and lifting bars, more like cracking walls for all the right reasons.

With floral kimonos, blazing bulky shades, and a charismatic fashion sense, Lyn Slater claims and tells us time and time again that ‘age is only a variable.’ Thank you for proving the world wrong, Lyn; your 400,000 and growing fan club couldn’t be more thankful.

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Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu’s blog is a mix of treasure trove. From daily looks to travel posts, fitness, beauty tips, event coverage, and fashion, which is the constant for all genres – it’s all about it. What began with the concept of columnist fashion statements is now 131k high on Instagram and India’s top fashion blogs. If you haven’t followed her yet, make sure you do so.

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Talking With Tami

It’s all fascinating about Tami Reed. Her style, aura, wit and humor, fashion sense, and everything else captured the eye of major brands in no time. Even before she became a fashion blogger, she had a strong influence on social media. Tami was trying to do something concrete, and that’s how it all started. From becoming a Red Carpet consultant to an entrepreneur, Tami Reed is a go-getter! For more ideas and keep up-to-date on all that’s going on in Hollywood or everything else when it comes to fashion.

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She Wears Fashion

At the age of 16, Kavita Donkersley began ‘She Wears Fashion.’ Still, she acknowledges that it was all a mess, and she was just as frustrated as any 16 years old would be. Yet she kept up with it and found her love of fashion and travel with each passing year. And today, at 23, she’s got 56k (and growing) of Instagram followers. It was only with perseverance, a lot of hard work, and a little bit of luck that she achieved in the industry. She is affiliated with big brands and is a regular at prestigious gatherings such as Coachella, etc.

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Girl With Curves

Tanesha Awasthi’s blog is frank and relatable to women worldwide because, wherever we come from, vulnerability and feeling a certain way seem to be the greatest challenge of our lives. Her story of having to blend into pursuing her love for fashion doesn’t have to be typified. From owning her body type to spreading body positivity, and just becoming trendy, Tanesha is an absolute star, the kind we all crave, the one in the most basic sense. Join her for tips, tricks, trends, and all about lifestyle, fashion, and makeup.

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The Fashion Advocate

Claire Goldsworthy goes by and is renowned for her Instagram page, the Fashion Advocate. It’s a natural representation of that. The Australian fashion blogger is not the usual run-off-the-mill teaser for the latest-trends-blogger. Instead, her diary style, which is her blog, has prompted her to think about the fast-moving fashion surrounding us and how we have lost the art of consuming products with morals and ethics.

She interviews, associates, and promotes ethically and legally binding products instead of those short fashion highs that almost immediately become redundant. Check out her blog and join her on Insta, and I’m pretty sure she’ll get you to think about it.

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