Why Movie Theaters and Food Courts are at the Top Floor of the Shopping Mall? Know the reason Why

India’s booming economy means that there are malls cropping up at every corner of the city and most of the crowd loves going to the mall, even for shopping or being the go-to place for us on weekends.

Different people have different reasons to visit the mall, some go there for shopping or buying clothes, shoes, jewelers, some go to buy groceries and some go to the kids section to enjoy with their children.

However, the majority of the crowd go to the food court and movie theaters in the mall, so much so that even if the whole shopping mall closes down atleast there will be a movie theater running. But the problem is that you need to struggle to reach them as they are on the top floor of the mall.

But have you wondered why the food courts and theaters which enjoy the most crowd, is located on the top floor of the mall?

Well, the answer lies in the question itself, with the majority of the crowd wanting to visit the theater, it is required that they go through the bottom floors so the crowd generally check the stuff which are placed in the shops and if they like it they buy all these. So, it’s a kind of trap.

Also, theaters and food courts require a huge space which is needed to run them and it is not possible to provide this space in the bottom levels of the mall. So now you know the reason behind this and, that’s good isn’t it?