Horrific Accident Occurs as People in Pakistani Outskirts Try to Collect Oil from an Over-turned Tanker! 140 Burnt Alive!

The world is going through a strange situation where rich can kill anyone for money and poor can get killed for the same. Whenever there is a free opportunity related to money or resources people go to any extent to get it. If something is free, people can even give their life for it.

Recently in Pakistan, at least 140 people were burnt to death and 100 got injured as they came to collect oil from an overturned tanked due to an accident.

As per the reports by Pakistani media, an oil tanker overturned and exploded on a highway near Bahawalpur city in Pakistan’s Punjab province on Sunday morning when people started to collect oil from it. As per officials the fire was apparently caused by someone who lit a cigarette.

Calling it a “huge tragedy” in the history of Pakistan, District Coordination Officer (DCO) Bahawalpur Rana Salim Afzal said-

“At least 123 people were killed before getting any medical help while the rescue officials shifted more than 100 injured to the district headquarters hospital and Victoria Hospital in Bahawalpur where the condition of most of them is critical.”

Check out the video-

Imran Shah, a spokesman for the highway police, told a local TV channel that police moved quickly to redirect traffic, but couldn’t stop the scores of villagers who raced to collect the fuel.

Our heart goes out to those injured and the families of the dead. We pray that their souls rest in peace. We also hope that someday there’s an end to all this and people can actually live and die in peace.