This Girls Heart-Warming Letter to PM definitely has some Food-for-thought! I am sure you will be eager to read this!

With the elections result in and BJP is celebrating a historic mandate in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Narendra Modi has realized that the people in the state and country have huge expectations from him. He needs to address issues of rampant poverty and corruption in the state along with lawlessness which is seen at an all time high.

Amidst all of this, the PM has received a heartwarming letter from Pakistan, a 11 year old girl named Aqeedat has written to the PM. She is the daughter of a professor and she has written talking about the need for better relations between the two nations. She has a brilliant message and even though her age is less, she is showing maturity in writing to the Prime Minister about important issues affecting the two countries right now. She agrees that the PM has won the elections by winning the hearts of the people there.

Aqeedat has views which may be similar to some of us, asking the PM to build a bridge between the two countries and help people buy medicines and books instead of guns and bullets.

Here is her heart warming letter:

“Once my father told me that winning hearts is a marvelous job. Perhaps you have won the heart of Indian people, therefore you won the election in UP. But I must tell you if you want to win more Indian and Pakistani hearts, you should take steps towards friendship and peace. Both countries need good relation. Let’s make a peace bridge between India and Pakistan. Let’s decide that we will not buy bullets, will buy books. We will not buy the guns, will buy the medicine for the poor people. Choice is our, peace or conflict.

I congratulate you for your success in UP election.

Take care. Warmest Regards.

Aqeedat Naveed.”

How sweet of a person she is and how happy will PM Modi be when he reads this letter?