Girl Gives Him 5 Mins to Express Feelings! He Shocked Her in His Reply! Watch the video

Sometimes language barrier becomes a BIG problem; always remember that it can destroy things if misinterpreted.

What if you love someone but can’t express feelings owing to language problems? It can create a mess and sometimes, situations go beyond control.

This short film Bhasha, by Neshu Saluja perfectly highlights this issue. Well, a boy is in love with a girl since 5 months and finally, he gets 5 minutes to talk to her and express his feelings. What happens next is beyond your imagination, thanks to the difference in language.

This is a wonderful short film and will keep you hooked! This is the first short film by Neshu Saluja; earlier, he worked as an assistant director for various short films like Ajanm, GoodBye, Bawdi and feature films like Tera Mera Tedha Medha, Traffic, Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend and Juje.

The best thing about Bhasha is that it’s a one-take film and was also screened at River to River Festival in Florence, Italy and the 3rd Goa Short Film Festival. He has done his filmmaking course from Whistling Woods International and no doubt, he’s delivered a gem!

Watch the video and enjoy!