Nutan’s Granddaughter Pranutan All Set For Bollywood! Her Gorgeous Pics are driving Internet Crazy!

The Hindi film industry has produced few really talented actresses and one of them is Nutan, the gorgeous lady who had the ability to express her emotions without uttering even a single word. You will be surprised to know that Nutan’s granddaughter Pranutan has strikingly similar looks and the good news is that she is interested in working in movies. Recently, her photos have gone viral on the Internet and social media is going crazy for her.

Pranutan, daughter of actor Mohnish Bahl, has completed her Law degree and this is what she said while talking to a news daily,

“I am very keen on being an actor. As far as offers are concerned, they were coming through my studying years, but at that time, I wanted to focus on education. Now, I have got a few offers but there is nothing concrete.”

Her father Mohnish who himself is a very talented actor feels that whatever movie Pranutan works in, it has to be on terms with the legacy that Nutan has left for them. In his words,

“The offer should be worthy of the legacy that comes with Nutan’s name. She is very particular of not putting that down in any way. I think the media was buzzing so much about her images because of her family background and the fact that she looks so much like her grandmother. She is very interested in a film debut, but her priorities are firm and she wanted to complete her education first.”