Dishani, Mithun Chakraborty’s Adopted Daughter Set to Take On Bollywood

Among the various star kids who are dreaming to make big in Bollywood, there is one beautiful girl who will definitely lit up the screens on fire when she will make her debut in B-Town. We talking about Dishani, daughter of Mithun Chakraborty, who is already a star on social media network, specially Instagram. What’s more, she is also seen at many events.

Dishani is an adopted child of Mithun whom he picked from a dustbin and raised her along with – Mimoh, Ushmey and Namashi, his three sons. Dishani may enter Bollywood soon but as of now, she is busy with her acting course which she is pursuing in New York.

Check out some of her lovely pics which will make you fall in love with her:

Some Pics of her more Recently:

Mithun is not the only actor from Bollywood who has adopted a kid. Just recently, Sunny Leone adopted a baby girl from Latur and named her Nisha Kaur Weber. Two girls named Pooja and Chaaya were adopted by actress Raveena Tandon in the year 1995. Sushmita Sen also adopted two girls while director Subhash Ghai has an adopted daughter and the most famous adopted kid is Arpita, Salman Khan’s sister.