Hazel-Yuvi Do Everything a Typical Married Couple Would Do! Yuvi Reaction to her Stalking is Cute!

Ever since Yuvraj Singh and Hazel got married, it was a fact that they will make a super adorable couple. Yuvraj being a fierce guy and Hazel being a bubbly girl make a perfect couple together.

Hazel came around to be super fun ever since we saw her with Yuvraj in Comedy Nights with Kapil. With her cool antics, she was giving tough competition to Kapil. Now if you browse Hazel Keech’s Instagram account, you will find that it’s like a big box full of fun. You just open it and keep on exploring all the craziness she does.

Hazel’s latest instagram banter is a stalking character, Stacy the stalker. Since past couple of days or so she’s seen playing this character frequently in her Instagram photos and videos.

The latest victim of Stacy was none other than Yuvraj Singh who she is accompanying in West Indies. LOL! How is the world, Hazel, as Stacy the stalker could’ve controlled herself from stalking Yuvra and be friends with him.

Here’s what she posted on Instagram:

Yuvraj Singh’s reaction to the cute antics of Hazel was just so adorable. While he was trying to be a rude character of the game, he came out to be even more cuter. Perhaps that’s what make them an awesome couple that they are..

And you sure don’t want to miss these cute banters by Stacy

She did the same with MSD’s daughter Ziva Dhoni too; here’s the pic..

With Shikhar Dhawan’s son Zoravar

With Sagarika Ghatge, Shikhar Dhawan’s son Zoravar and wife Aesha

Omg she thinks she's our friend!!!!! 😳😳😳#Stacythestalker!!!

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