Take a Look at These Bright and Young Engineering Students and their Pay Package of Crores!

There was a time when engineering was considered as one of the best careers in India to aspire. The craze was such that every other parent wanted their son to become an engineer. Who can forget 2009 Bollywood Blockbuster 3 Idiots, which had a great reference to the craze for engineering among people and loopholes in the education system?

With this craze, engineering colleges and institutes got jam packed and some more colleges opened to bath in the rain but soon it all became less worthy. Engineering suddenly became less fruitful than it ever was. Most of the graduates started being unemployed and many others got jobs with very less salaries.

However, there were a few who did it with all their passion and hence ended up striking gold. We will talk about those engineering students who made it big in engineering got selected in biggest companies with huge salary packages. Have a look-

  1. Sidharth (1.2 crore per annum)

21-year-old Sidharth got placed in US-based cab company Uber Technologies with a salary package of 1.25 crore per annum.

  1. Anonymous (1.34 crore per annum)

An Allahabad student who requested to keep his name anonymous received an offer of 1.34 crore per annum from Facebook.

  1. Anonymous (1.42 crore per annum)

Two students of BTech & MTech received a salary package of 1.42 crore per annum from Facebook.

  1. Thoppilan Romal Devassy and Kannan Sunder (1.44 crore per annum)

Mumbai based engineering students, Thoppilan Romal Devassy and Kannan Sunder received a huge salary package of 1.44 crore per annum from Google.

  1. Aditi Laddha (1.5 crore per annum)

A female engineering student, Aditi Laddha made it big and got offered a healthy package of 1.5 crore per annum by Uber.

  1. Anonymous (1.63 crore per annum)

An engineering student whose name is not revealed received an offer of 1.63 crore per annum by Google Mountain View.

  1. Gaurav Agrawal (1.7 crore per annum)

Gaurav Agrawal, a native of Bhilai in Chattisgarh bagged a salary package of 1.7 crore per annum from Google.

  1. Abhishek Pant (2 crore per annum)

22-year-old Abhishek Pant got a salary package of 2 crores per annum in 2015 from Google.

  1. Anonymous (2.03 crore per annum)

A Varanasi based engineering student bagged a cool package of 2.03 crores per annum from Oracle.

  1. Astha Agarwal (2.1 crore per annum)

20-year-old girl, Astha Agarwal hit the jackpot as she got placed in social media giant company Facebook on a monstrous package of 2.1 crore per annum.