Reviews of Jab Harry Met Sejal are Out: Definite One-time Watch

Jab Harry Met Sejal starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma has finally hit the theatres today. The film was carrying great expectations between the movie goers as the trailers managed to appeal them and music gave another high to the craze.

After a long time, this one looked like a perfect romantic film coming from SRK’s side and the fact that it is directed by Imtiaz Ali makes the feeling stronger. But was the film make up for all the hype? Well, mildly, we say yes.


An engaged Sejal meets a lonely tourist guide Harry during her trip with family. A twist comes, and before Sejal leaves back to India, she finds her engagement ring is missing. What next? She asks the same tour guide to help her find the ring and the reluctant he takes her to all the places they visited before.

Here the love starts growing between the two and Sejal founds that he fiancée may not be her real soulmate.

The story has no novelty as it has lots of similarities to Imtiaz’s own previous films. However, the way it has been told may help you still give it a chance. It’s a done to death story, but not that bad that you leave the theatre midway.


Shah Rukh Khan has got in the skin of Harry and has totally aced the role. He is just perfect in every scene and makes it difficult for the audience to take the eyes off him.

Here comes Anushka who looks immensely pretty and has done fabulous acting. Her performance helps you take some time off SRK and notice other beautiful parts of JHMS. Her Gujarati accent is so adorable.

Music and Cinematography

Pritam’s music is enriching. It adds to the story and takes you to another level. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics are rich. Singers have done a brilliant job. Cinematography is another big plus point of the film and adds highly to the value.

Overall, JHMS is very much watchable for the performances, music and cinematography. Give it a chance with limited expectations and you won’t be disappointed.