5 Most Powerful International Leaders And What They Love To Eat

Barack Obama (ex-President USA)

President Barack Obama likes burgers, hot dogs and such, but when it came time to answer a child’s question about his favorite food, broccoli was the first word that sprang from his lips. “Food can be fun. It can be healthy,” Mr. Obama said.

In an interview, Michel Obama admitted that her husband loves to snack on Mexican delights like guacamole and nachos. His former body man Reggie love admits that the commander in chief requests healthier alternatives to keep on hand, like almonds, pistachios planters trail mix, and MET-Rx protein bars.

Vladimir Putin ( President, Russia )

Putin himself says that he prefers eating healthy food; tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and other vegetables. Despite his favorite meat is mutton, Putin prefers fish. He says that he is completely indifferent to sweets; however ice cream is his passion.

The president of Russia likes to eat quails eggs. He loves to drink fruit juice. The food is forever fresh and good as Putin likes to eat healthy foods. He loves to eat cottage cheese and his cooking portion is always substantial omelet or occasionally porridge.

Xi Jinping (President, China)

The Chinese president Xi Jinping mostly loves comfort foods like Pork buns, fried pig liver, and vegetable dishes. Though we do not know much about his eating habits still during some of his foreign tours and according to some media reports it came that Mr. Xi Jinping loves to eat fish and chips much. One of his favorite foods is his home-grown baozi chain.

Narendra Modi (Prime minister, India)

It is a well-known fact that P.M of India Mr. Narendra Modi is strictly vegetarian and he loves simple Indian (Gujarati ) food. He was one of the first prime ministers to eat in the staff canteen and when he did he opted for a vegetarian thali that featured saag, salad, dal, and curry. But his favorite foods are Khichdi, Dhokla, and Khandwi as he is a Gujarati (a state in India ) and loves to eat typical Gujarati foods.

Angela Merkel (Chancellor German)

German chancellor Angela Merkel admits to a deep practice of stockpiling food and cleaning products. She said once “ I am particularly fond of solyanka (meat and pickled vegetable soup), Letcho (a Hungarian vegetable stew) and shashlik (a spicy kebab).