Another British Passport Holder has been found dead in Goa! Read about this shocking incident!

Goa has been places where not only Nationals visit but thousands if not more Foreign Nationals also visit the state on a yearly basis. This makes security of utmost importance in the state and it has seem some shocking brazen crimes which would be considered heinous being taken place on its shores.

Last week, the body of a 25 year old Irish woman Danielle Mc Laughlin was found dead on the beaches of South Goa, it has not been ruled out that the murder was done before a possible rape of the foreign national on the ground that the body was found in a pool of blood and the body was nude without any clothes on it and there were injuries to the head and feet.

It has not been ruled out that the crime was commited by a local as she was in South Goa with a friend to celebrate Holi and was originally from North Goa. The Goa Police have arrested a local Vikas Bhagat is relations to this incident.

The Lady also had a British Passport to which the Irish Ministry replied:

“Since the lady had and was travelling on a British Passport, it was upto to the local British Consulate have the lead responsibility in terms of dealings with the Indian authorities”

This will hamper Goa’s image in the international market and will be required to take proper action which is the need of the hour.

Many foreign nationals have lost their lives in Goa in the past decade, including that of Miss Keeling who lost her life due to a rape and murder and the two arrested individuals in the case who were taken into custody during her trial in 2008 have been released on bail.