Know the Reason Why Shoaib Akhtar Used to Run with Open Hands After Taking a Wicket

Shoaib Akhtar has been one of the best Pakistani bowlers and fastest bowlers worldwide. His speed was something many cricketers used to be scared of. It was a task for many batsmen to keep a track of the ball he used to deliver as they were not allowed to blink.

Due to this very reason, many batsmen used to get retired hurt with his ball. Also, one of the many reasons that people remember him in his running style with open arms after taking a wicket for the team.

Though nobody knew the exact reason or thought behind it, everyone used to be entertained by it.

However, Shoaib himself explained the reason recently though his tweets, as he went back to the memory lane. He tweeted –

And this F-16 was better than All. Celebration after taking wicket bcoz I wanted to be a fighter pilot more I have endless love for jets..

Shoaib also posted this pic, in case the tweet doesn’t load.

This is how people reacted to the tweet: