Remember Harshvardhan Nawathe, KBC’s First Crorepati! Here’s what he upto Nowadays

Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati was a TV sensation years back when it started. Indians accepted the show from their heart, so much so that all of us adjusted our working schedules as per the show timings. It just didn’t bring the lost fortune back for Amitabh Bachchan but also helped a lot of people in solving their money problem. For the rest, it gave a great source of infotainment.

We all loved the way, KBC’s first winner Harshvardhan Nawathe made it to the jackpot of 1 crores back in 2000. And it made us so happy to see that joy on his face after winning the price money. That sound of Amitabh Bachchan saying, ‘You have created History”, still echoes in our ears.

Now that KBC is all set to have its 11th season, we feel curious to know what Harshvardhan is doing these days.

The boy who once dreamt of being an IAS had an interaction with Daily Bhaskar recently. Harshvardhan Nawathe is leading a happy life with his two children and a wife in Nerul, Navi Mumbai these days. Currently, he is working in a Dutch based recruitment company as a Chief Executive Officer.

Talking about his life after KBC he told-

“Honestly, the journey so far has been phenomenal. KBC gave me lot of fame, money and popularity. Definitely, my physical appearance has changed but the moment, my name is taken somewhere; people recognize me. Being the first winner of KBC with 1 crore in my hand was like a miracle to me. It’s been 17 years now but every moment attached to are still fresh in my mind.”

Talking about the fascination of people about him post KBC, he told-

“Can you believe it, I was given police protection, was being mobbed on the road and people would just run over me for the autographs. It was a big time party for me. I started meeting lot of big people and started socializing. I had lived a life of a superstar for a year. But yes, this stardom came with a limited life shelf.”

But it didn’t remain good always and then started the phase of struggle. He said-

“After a year, the real struggle started. I was back to what I was before KBC (smiles). I started living my regular life. Honestly, I wanted to lead a normal life post KBC but people kept reminding me about my celebrity life every now and then. I had to really struggle hard to come out of that; it took some years but then everything got balanced (smiles).”

And guess what, he got the whole money without TDS, Unbelieveable? Read what he said.

“Yes, I did. Now, I hear that there is some TDS deduction in the winning money. But I was lucky to get the whole amount. I invested that money in my education, purchased my first car and also bought a home in Mumbai. Initially, I did not buy any luxury item. I invested it in the right way and then according to my family needs, I purchased few items.”

Nawathe also talked about how he couldn’t appear for the Civil service exam due to his stardom-

“I always wanted to be an IAS officer; wanted to pursue civil services. But because KBC happened I couldn’t pursue because there was some obligations and contracts with Star TV. But, I did not let my dream to die down. I started working on projects which were close to government.  I have been associated with few NGO’s too.”

He then got married in 2007 which was an arranged marriage. He has two sons Saransh (8) and Reyansh (4).

His wife, Sarika Nawathe is a well-known theatre artist who has done a lot of Marathi films and TV shows.