The List of Most Hard Working Cities in the World is Out. Mumbai’s Rank will Leave you Amazed

If you have ever been to Mumbai or lived in the city, you must have noticed the hustle and bustle in the city whenever and wherever you go, irrespective of day or night. It is the city that never sleeps and people are always busy with what they are doing, whether working or doing chores or taking their morning walks.

Well, if you ever wondered if the city had the most hardworking and ambitious people in the world, the wait is over.

According to regulatory agency UBS, there was a study which was conducted by the Swiss Investment Bank which proved that Mumbaikars are the most hardworking people as they work for longest hours in the world.

The study has deducted that an average employed Mumbaikar works for around 3315 hours a years, this is the most hours worked by any city in the world, followed by Hanoi, Mexico City, New Delhi, Bagota and Dubai.

As part of its Price and Earnings 2018 report, UBS did a study of 77 cities around the world which included parameters such as average annual working hours.

The study also revealed that employees in the Helsinki, Moscow, Copenhagen, Paris, Rome and Lagos work the least amount of hours.

The study also showed that Mumbaikars do not have the buying capacity which an average employee around the world should. It was seen that employees in New York can buy a Apple iPhone X by working 54 hours, while an employee in Mumbai would need to work 917 hours on an average to buy the smartphone. This is also seen including the rental expense, the cost of living in Mumbai is 46% less than that in New York.

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