Dhoni had Tears in His Eyes after India’s Loss and Pretty Much Sums up Our Feelings Too!

MS Dhoni has got the tag of “Best finisher”, but something went wrong yesterday, that he couldn’t rescue the Indian team. Dhoni is good at chasing targets, but looks as if luck didn’t favor him yesterday.

West Indies defeated India in the 4th ODI in Antigua and it was embarrassing for us because the target was just 190 runs. Although Windies couldn’t display great batting, they shifted all focus on bowling and fielding and were successful too.

Dhoni managed to score a half century, but after his dismissal, things became really tricky for team India.

This loss did cause a lot of embarrassment for Indian team, but as we always say, cricket is just a sport and loss is a part of it. Other players took it sportingly and shook hands with West Indies team, but Dhoni was very hurt. We got to see his emotional side.

Captain Cool had tears in his eyes and was sitting sadly in a corner. His video is going viral and it has made us sad too. It’s actually disheartening to see such a good player in this condition.

Watch the video:

After watching the video this is how Twitter reacted: