A look at the 2nd season of Bridgerton .

The series creator Chris Van Dusen just told People what fans can expect from Bridgerton season 2—starting with how it’s going to be “bigger and sexier” and “charged” than its predecessor. If you’re also counting down the days until the Netflix release tomorrow, you’re in for a treat.

According to Chris, the hit show will explore Penelope’s inherent duality, both as the daughter of Lord and Lady Featherington and as Lady Whistledown. When Penelope goes to these balls, when she’s out in the marriage market, when she’s around other gentlemen and even around her peers, she’s really invisible as herself. Then she donned her Lady Whistledown cape, her mask, and this whole new persona.” He continues, “But now she’s not really seen.” As a result, she becomes louder, brasher, and more visible.

To tide you over until the second season drops, here are more details about Bridgerton season 2 to tide you over. Lady Whistledown isn’t the only one with the inside scoop!

What is the premiere date for Bridgerton season 2?

Netflix gave Bridgerton fans everywhere a Christmas gift back in December: the premiere date for season 2. It will be released on Friday, March 25, 2022!

The news was revealed via a v cute cast video, which you should watch (if only for the surreal-ness of seeing the Bridgerton cast dressed modernly).

Is the Bridgerton cast going to remain the same?

Luke Newton (who plays Colin Bridgerton) confirmed his return in March 2021, without revealing any of the costumes or sets for the sophomore season. Even so, he left us a wonderful collection of photos with his TV brothers.

In an interview with Variety, Regé-Jean explained his decision to leave, saying he was only supposed to be on the show for one season. There will be a one-season arc. Let’s give it a year,” he said, recalling the conversations he had with the Shondaland producers before he took the role. “That’s interesting, because then it felt like a limited series. As a member of the Bridgerton family, I get to come in, contribute my bit, and then the Bridgerton family rolls on.”

In another Variety interview, Shonda Rhimes talked about Regé-Jean and didn’t give any details on the Duke’s absence (or if he’ll return in a future season), but she did mention fans would not miss just Regé-Jean. According to her, you might be asking about a different actor returning after each season. You’d better brace yourself!

Despite all our hopes and dreams collapsing at the thought of Simon not interacting with his infant son, there is still much to look forward to. New characters will be introduced to the mix as the new season follows the sophomore novel in the Bridgerton series. What are the most important ones? Both Kate and Edwina Sharma will play major roles in Anthony’s journey to love in the MAJOR storyline.

However, they’re not the only ones set to debut during London’s social season this year. Rupert Young plays Jack, a high-society member with major family connections, and Calam Lynch plays Theo Sharpe, a printer’s assistant who is ready to fight for what’s right. Is it possible to say “intrigued” fast enough?

In Bridgerton season 2, what exactly will happen?

It was all about Daphne and Simon’s steamy, hot, extremely complicated, friends-to-lovers story in season 1. Anthony, the oldest of the Bridgerton kids, was quite the ladies’ man last season as well. Now that he is 29 years old, he has decided he needs a wife and an heir. The second season will revolve around his love story if the story follows the books. “Whom?“ you may wonder.

Have there been any spoilers released yet?

I guess so! Read The Viscount Who Loved Me, and you’ll have a pretty good idea how Anthony’s story ends. If you’re not interested in reading the entire book, here’s the gist.

There will be spoilers ahead.

Let me tell you right now, the second book is all about Anthony Bridgerton’s love story. Despite knowing he needs to find a wife, Anthony isn’t interested in falling in love for fear of dying young like his father did. So he wants someone who’ll be a good wife, but not someone he’ll fall in love with, ya know? Edwina Sheffield is here. The only problem is that her sister, Kate, hates Anthony’s womanizing and vows to stop him from marrying her.

In order to win Kate’s approval, Anthony does what any 19th-century viscount would do. Through hard work, he turns Kate from an enemy to a friend. However, Kate soon finds herself feeling all kinds of hot and bothered after their interactions (in a good way). In the end, Anthony feels the same way about her, and after sharing a very scandalous kiss, they’re forced to marry (sound familiar?) and end up in an unplanned relationship. Anthony ends up living much longer than he thought he would, and they have four children together.

During Netflix’s Tudum presentation, Netflix released a special first look at the season. Our guess is that you’ll be more obsessed with them than you were with the Duke and Daphne.