Quotes form Never Have I ever Netflix Series

never have I ever quote idiots are banging all the time

1) I would like to be invited to a party with alcohol and hard drug, I am not gonna do them. I just like the opportunity to say: No cocaine for me thanks. I’m good.

2) Before you know it, we’ll be boinking at the prom.

3) We are smart and idiots are banging all the time, if they can do it we can learn how to do it too.

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4. May be if America had more air-traffic controllers, we wouldn’t be in debt to china.

we wouldn’t be in debt to china devi mom nalini quote
devi quote never have i ever

5) Devi- When I get into Princeton, I am never coming back.I am gonna be an atheist who eats cheeseburgers everyday, with my white boyfriend. (at Ganesha puja)

nalini quote never have I ever

6) And I Am American Actor, Producer, Writer, Fake Rapper: Andy Samberg. What Can I Say? I Wear A Lot Of Hats.

7) Just keep your nose out of my business and up the teachers’ butt where it usually it. – Devi

8) In his dad’s defense Kanye’s deal was complicated. He wanted to trademark the word music. – Andy Samberg

8) Ben guarded his sadness the same way I guard my Emmy awards, by burying it deep. – Andy Samberg

9) They are too young for love, and frankly, to have a life. -Nalini

10) Normal teenagers end up in prison, or worse, working in Jersey Mike’s.- Nalini

10) Tyra says the broken-down baby doll is the most editorial look. -Nalini

11) I left a funereal to be by your side after Nick Jonas married a Indian woman that wasn’t you. Fabiola

12) American workplaces need fun perks to keep their employees interested in earning a paycheck. Nalini

13) She’s only hot from the boobs down, and the chin up. But her neck is kind of busted.- Devi

Kamala Quotes

1) I want to be with you, even if you are from the wrong side of town.- Kamala