The Kissing Booth Beach Bucket List All 22

Elle holding the beach bucket list the kissing booth
  1. Win a sand castle contest.
  2. Epic blanket fort
  3. Win a Pie Eating Contest
  4. Race day
  5. Turn Noah into an ice-cream Sundae.
  6. Learn to Juggle
  7. Helium Karaoke.
  8. Give Noah an atomic wedgie
  9. Sumo Wrestling
  10. Paragliding
  11. Flash Mob
  12. Eat donuts in a donuts on top of Randy’s donuts
  13. Fly in squirrel suit
  14. Jump off a high cliff
  15. Swim with sharks.
  16. Princess rescue mission
  17. ZIPLINE over canyon.
  18. 80’s mini golf night.
  19. Laser tag battle.
  20. Building jump with dirt bike.
  21. Brain freeze showdown.
  22. Live together at Berkeley