“BegPackers”: Travellers begging for Money on Street of Thailand!

Traveling is that one aspect of our life that is a luxury, recreation and a passion for few.

We never really consider traveling as one of our basic necessities to live life. It is just another part of living life.

There are things which are more important in life, such as, good health, sound sleep, proper food, and education to secure a job. To earn a livelihood, some are blessed with good jobs while some fall below the poverty line. Those people have to beg on the streets or do random odd jobs to earn the basic livelihood daily.

However, some travelers are mocking this obligation. These backpackers beg on the streets to people so they can raise funds for traveling.

If one can’t afford to travel, they shouldn’t travel at first place. These people are called ‘begpackers’ and they have been spotted and clicked at many places.

The begpackers pretty well justifies their not so logical behavior; we don’t see the point of getting into the act of begging for traveling.

The countries which are most deprived, struggling with issues of nourishment, health and education already have these begpackers sit there to get funds raised so that they can stay in some hotel or discover another place?

At the end of the day, it is all for the Twitter or Instagram hashtag. What’s even more distributing is that these so called ‘travelers’ are sitting next to the underprivileged with some of their country postcards and travel stories to share, this way they are eating into someone’s’ space and the money which can be used for their food.