The Wrong Missy Quotes Netflix: 35 years on this planet, not one STD

the wrong missy quote not one std
  • First chink in the armour, Mr perfect not so perfect.
  • People who don’t drink they always have a story.
  • Nothing you could do would disappoint me , I love you.
  • Stop eye fucking me, I am with someone.
  • The walking boots off, running shoes on, run to a vagina.
  • She graduated top of her class, not top of her professor like you.
  • If I get a tropical itch from this guy, I am gonna be a tropical bitch.
  • 35 years on this planet, not one STD.
  • You’re lucky I am not the jealous type. In fact, if you wanna fuck face me, I am totally cool with it.
  • I made it. All my teachers can eat my asshole.
all my teachers can eat my ass I made it the wrong missy quote