Deepika Padukone Demands Fees like SRK and Salman? Directors are Crying

Deepika Padukone is the ace actress of Bollywood and is riding high on the success of her movie Padmaavat. She acted gracefully while enacting the queen and the bars have been set high for her future movies, even during the wrap up of Padmaavat we saw that Deepika earned the highest renumeration for the movie.

Now, reports have sprung up telling us that after the success of Padmaavat, Deepika has got an ego boost and wants high renumeration. As per Asian age, Deepika is demanding high salary as big Bollywood superstars.

Asian Age reports, “Rumour has it that the actress now entertains only author-backed roles and demands a renumeration that exceeds what the leading man receives and is apparently, there times more than what A-list heroines make.”

A young director has been quoted as saying,

“Sari Bhansali ki galti hai (It’s all Bhansali’s fault).”

The director also adds –

“After Padmaavat, Deepika thinks she is far above the rat race. She will only entertain top-notch producers and directors and only if they come to her with the author-backed title role. She also wants creative control over the script.”

Meanwhile, there is no visible project that Deepika has signed recently. Her upcoming film Sapna Didi also got delayed due to co-star Irrfan Khan’s bad health.