Steve Waugh does it right for his friend! What he did will amaze you!

Steve Waugh has been an iconic athlete in the sports of cricket, for not only being a formidable batsman but also an absolutely great captain of the modern game. He also has a well-known connection with this country, while his charity work in Kolkata helping the poor children has gained good traction; his constant affection towards the people of India is unknowingly seen in this action of his.

Like he is on the field, so is he in real life, he is known to be a loving friend who has gone to great extreme to be loyal to friends in death as in life. He had recently come to Varanasi to spread the ashes of his good friend Stephen in the Ganges. He reached the Ghats of the river and took a boat ride to Manikarnika ghat on Tuesday afternoon where he conducted all the proper ceremonies before immersing his friend’s ashes into the holy river.

He said, “Stephen was my very loving friend. His last wish was that after his Death, his mortal remains to be immersed here.”


In today’s age where everyone is so preoccupied with their own lives he took the effort to fulfill his friend’s last wish. We are so preoccupied with our aspirations and dreams to go somewhere that we as people would not have done anything like this even for our closest friends.

Some reports have surfaced saying that the ashes were of a local shoe-shiner Brian Rudd, but there have been no reports corroborating the news.