Quotes form Dynasty Netflix Series

Quotes: Season 2

Quotes: Season 1

  • Who else can you trust to run the family business.. except family. -Fallon Carrington
  • Every day, I take one man’s dirt and turn it into a diamond. -Fallon Carrington
  • Digging up insider info is even easier when they assume you work for the airline, instead of owning the plane. -Fallon Carrington
  • As for the idea that the future is female, daddy likes to say that future is not here yet. But he is wrong about that. –Fallon Carrington
  • What you saw last night, that is the downside of being a Carrington. The Upside.. is that we’ll go to the ends of the earth to protect each other.
    Because you can only trust family. -Blake Carrington

  • It’s easy to confuse good with good in bed. -Fallon Carrington
    at Matthews funeral taking to Cristal
  • The truth is not hard to say. You just spit it out and kick sand over it. -Cristal
  • Guilt is for insecure people. -Cristal