Catherine Langford will be seen as Nimue in the new Netflix Series Cursed. This new Netflix series with Katherine Langford is based on the works of Frank Miller, a well-known American cartoonist, and director (he directed, for example, Sin City )

Opening Caption

There is a story lost in the mists of time, of the Sword of power and the young woman who wielded it. They call her a demon Sorceress savior.

  • Born in the dawn, to pass in the twilight.
  • Where to being, with water or with fire.
  • This is war, and in war, there can be no mercy.
  • You are not some fragile maid, you are a warrior.
  • The sword is cursed. It will corrupt all who wield it.
  • Lead them where, to more slaughter. – Nimue
  • I am fey and a healer. A very well respected healer. I was the healer in my village and several surrounding villages. Never lost a patient. – PYM
I am fey and a healer. A very well respected healer quote pym

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Bad things happen to those who speak my name aloud merlin cursed quotes netflix