Too Hot to handle – Germany cast

There are hundreds of dating shows on Netflix, including “Love is Blind”, “Sexy Beasts,” “Are You the One,” and “Too hot to handle.”. However, it seems the German sea wants more sand. Streaming service wants to expand its range in the future and bring the German market aboard. It begins with the German version of the already existing program “Too hot to handle”. There are already Brazilian and Latin American variants available.

In this way, Netflix competes with other German formats like “Der Bachelor” and is now following “Queer Eye,” which recently received a German offshoot (albeit with moderate success). The start date was announced on Netflix’s Instagram page – along with “But don’t tell Mom! ”:

A total of 10 hot and single individual will participate in the German version of Netflix dating reality show Too Hot to Handle.

Let’s take a look at the content of the show.

1. Emely from Ibiza

Emely too  hot to handle germany

A make-up Artist and a party animal, Emely comes from Ebiza. Originally from Ibiza, Spain, she now lives in Berlin, Germany. Learn more about Emily with her Instagram handle (@emskopf) and her journey on the show.

2. Dennis from Berlin

A model and a traveller Dennis has worked with some of the biggest brands like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana.

3. Anna Strigl from Innsbruck

anna strigl from thth germany

Adventure seeking model and instgram model.

4. Onyi Alaike from Hamburg

Onyi Alaike from too hot to handle Germany

Model and currently a dentistry student, wants to become a super se*y dentist one day. She is being represented by McFIT MODELS. She is probably with least Instagram followers count among all the contestants.

5. Kevin from Flensburg

A model and a football player loves to party.

6. Lorra Sophie from Berlin

Lorra Sophie from berlin too hot to handle germany
Lorra Sophie from berlin too hot to handle Germany

Laura is a Latino girl currently living in Berlin. She works as a plus size model. She has around 20k followers on Instagram.
Instagram – @sophie_thth

7. Fabio from Berlin

Coming from an Italian lineage, Fabio works as a model too.

8. Akka from Wein

Actually from Turkey, Akka is a ladies man and works as a model.

9. Tobias from Heilbronn

10. Stella Stegmann from Munchen

A model and a Instagram influencer she was the Playboy, playmate of the year 2020. She is also a fitness coach and uploads fitness related videos on her YouTube channel.

With over 222k followers on Instagram, she mostly promotes brands on the platform.

Instagram – @stella_tiana

11. Laura Muro

Laura Muro too hot to handle Germany