Quotes from Warrior Nun: Netflix Series

Warrior Nun is a new television series starring Alba Baptista as Ava, a teenage girl who has superpowers. And she is supposed to fight dark evil forces.

Quotes from Warrior Nun

  • In this life, or the next.
  • My whole life, I’ve dreamt about being dead. I leave my body and I see myself from the above. A normal girl… Until I wake up.
  • Life has a way of making your dreams come true.
  • I am sorry, can we maybe jump to the part where any of this has anything to do with me?
  • Saved by a cute boy, check that one off the list.

Beatrice Quotes form Warrior Nun

  • Pain is what made me a sister warrior.
  • Fu***s given- Nun
  • If you want a stairway to heaven, you don’t call a priest. You call a carpenter.
  • Without manipulation there is no fear and without fear there is no power.- Adrien