10 Best Quotes from Rise of Empires: Ottoman Netflix Series

  • Either I Conquore you, or you conquer me.
  • Every empire has a beginning, forges of blood, steel, fortune, and conquest.
  • For one empire to rise, another must fall.
  • The wall of the ancient city holds another day.
I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knee rise of empire quote netflix
  • Mara – Tell the sultan I will join him as swiftly as my feet will carry me.
  • Mehmad- If one hair in my beard knew what I really think, I will pull it out.
  • Wherever necessary, you instill respect. Wherever necessary, you instill fear. But you have an aim. To reach that aim, you do whatever is necessary. And that is a sign of genius.
  • You either die or you triumph and there is no alternative.
  • Mehmad– Twenty-three armies have tried to take this city and failed. My own father faltered at these walls. As many of your father who fought alongside him. Today we will avenge them.
  • Constantine– Sharpen your sword and steel your souls, for we fight as brothers, as Romans!
  • I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.
  • Mehmad- Take this half breed dog away. He’ll look better without his head.