Extraction (Netflix 2020 movie) Review and Famous Quotes

Well this is one the most awaited movies on Netflix as everyone is bored due to quarantine and needed something new and finally it realised.


The plot is pretty straighforward showing the rivalry between the drug lords of India and Bangladesh.

Mercenary Tyler Rake(Chris Hemsworth) is hired by Saju(Randeep Hooda), to extract Indian drug lord Ovi Mahajan Sr.’s son Ovi Mahajan Jr. who is kidnapped by Amir Asif(Bangladeshi drug lord) from Dhaka. But Tyler and his team gets played by Saju who tricks them into doing toughest part of the job. Initially Tyler and Saju fight against each other, however later the circumstances forces them to work together in order to protect the kid. Both of them end up dead while saving the kid.

It is shown that eight month later Amir Asif is killed by Nik (patner of Tyler Rake). The movie ends with Ovi Jr. diving into a pool at school. As he emerges he notices someone is standing at the end of pool.


The action and stunt scenes in the movie are certainly praiseworthy and realistic. Randeep and Chris’s knife fight is worth a watch.

Overall, even though the movie is full of action packed scenes the story still keeps to maintain a grasp throughout.

Conclusively the identity of the man shown standing by the pool in climax is not revealed but my guess is Tyler Rake.


  • I need the money, chicken ain’t cheap.
  • You Drown Not By Falling Into The River, But By Staying Submerged In It.