The Best Outfits From Emily In Paris Season 3 by Lily Collins

Emily In Paris Season 3

In the trailers, viewers can expect more Paris , love triangles , drama , and of course , over-the-top fashion as Emily in Paris returns on December 21 . Lily Collins’ titular character will be forced to decide whether to stay at Savoir or join Sylvie as she starts a new firm from scratch at the end of season 2 . The hot French chef Gabriel must also make a decision about Emily’s love life: will she stay with Alfie , her new English boyfriend , or will she go back to her new English boyfriend , Alfie ? Here’s a sneak peek at some of the best outfits from the third season-and how to get them .

While it is not a perfect representation of the French “experience,” the show does provide the perfect amount of eye candy that has helped it become one of Netflix’s biggest (and most surprising) hits since its premiere in 2020. Fashion, for better or for worse, is the show’s true star, aside from the stellar cast’s organic chemistry.

” Top 10 Picks for YOU ”

  • Gingham Swimwear

Despite her swim style, Emily looks chic.

  • Neon Blazer

Camille’s highlighter green blazer is anything but low-key—but that’s its point. Stylish and a conversation starter.

  • Metallic Dress

It’s all about metallic lately, and Emily looked like a princess in her glitzy outfit.

  • Polka Dots

The season’s other favorite pattern: polka dots. With red wide-leg trousers and platform heels, Emily wears the darling print with a vintage red jacket.

  • Statement-Making Sweater

As Emily has proven time and time again, life is too short to wear dull outfits all the time. It’s anything but ringarde with this statement-making sweater and metallic skirt.

  • Knitted love

The girl trio brings a style extravaganza to the screen. Emily in Paris season 3’s pilot episode features one of Emily’s most cute-meets-whimsical outfits. The look consists of a multi-coloured geometric knitted sweater paired with a green metallic skirt and green boots, and accessorised with a pink Louis Vuitton bag.

  • Knee-high floral socks

In episode 9, Emily pairs long, yellow, floral socks with golden pumps, evoking a bright sunny day. This chic ensemble shows off her self-cut bangs and a yellow blazer with a white lace number that perfectly complements the yellow printed bandana.

  • Checked-in Gingham

Emily turns heads in a monochrome Gingham-printed bralette paired with a sheer blazer shrug and red bottoms in the fifth episode.

  • Blazer Bold

Season 3’s fashion is nothing short of whimsical and outrageous. Don’t be afraid to go bold with a zebra print blazer like Emily.

  • Vogue Coats at work

It seems like a cakewalk for this marketing expert to serve a fashion look, no matter what the assignment is. Emily knows how to jazz up a day at work with a metallic gold jacket over a black and orange polka-dotted turtleneck, printed shorts, and yellow tweed outfit.