15 Top Yoga Clothing Brands that professional Instructors Use: 2023

Looking for the perfect yoga wear to enhance your practice and make you feel confident and comfortable? With so many yoga wear brands on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you.

Step onto your mat in style and comfort with the ultimate selection of yoga clothing from the top brands that embrace fashion, functionality, and the flow of your practice.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting your journey, read on to find your perfect yoga outfit.

girl doing yoga in active wear
NameWebsite Instagram
1. LuluLemonLuluLemon.com@LuluLemon
2. Alo yogaaloyoga.com@aloyoga
3. Athletaathleta.gap.com@athleta
4. Body Angel Activewearbodyangelactivewear.com@bodyangelactivewear
5. Alalaalalastyle.com@alala
6. Beyond Yogabeyondyoga.com@beyondyoga
7. Carbon38carbon38.com@carbon38
8. Jala Clothingjalaclothing.com@jalaclothing

1. LuluLemon

Originated in Vancouver Canada LuluLemon is one the best yoga clothing brands out there. They have innovated and become the mecca of yoga clothing especially leggings. The aligned collection by LuluLemon are a top yoga clothing line.

lululemon yoga clothing brand

Their leggings comes in different lengths and they give you a lot of options to choose from. They are so much in demand that they are always sold out. They are quite expensive from their competitors. The full length LuluLemon Align leggings will cost you about $98.

2. Alo yoga

alo yoga clothing brand with logo

It is relatively a newer yoga clothing brand. Alo Yoga is very much for fitness clothes. Their Airbrush line of leggings are thicker in terms of cloth material

3. Athleta

athleta store front yoga brand

Athleta is a yoga and athletics wear brand from GAP. It has make great profit for the Gap Inc. Athlet’s well-made, high quality work out gear are perfect for a range of exercise styles from yoga, running, walking, gym time, and sports. It looks a bit pricey but its really worth it. You can get them at low price when there is a sales or rack clearance.

4. Body Angel Activewear

Body Angel Activewear yoga brand store

Founded in San Diego, California by founder and designer Maria-Fernanda De La Vega, Body Angel Activewear designs active, workout, and yoga wear for women. De La Vega was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, which is the largest port city in Colombia. She attended the Metropolitan University, earning a degree in dentistry.

Since coming to the United States in 2003, Maria has worked off and on while managing a busy course load at the University. The experience of modelling inspired her to launch her own fashion brand.

5. Alala

alala  yoga clothing brand

Inspired by the spirit of their hometown, New York City, Alala’s goal is to provide a fun and trendy brand for strong, passionate women. Their sizes vary from XS to XL for women. With Alala you can also design your own Captain Tight, the Alala Carte.

Popular products: Bra, Tights, Crop Tank

Website: https://alalastyle.com/

6. Beyond Yoga

Pleasant, vibrant, and well-fitting clothing partners with a range of brands, including Solly Baby for Beyond the Bump and Kate Spade New York. Their measurements vary from women’s XXS to XL.

Beyond Yoga has two brick and mortat store one in New! Irvine Spectrum and the other one in Santa Monica.

Website: https://beyondyoga.com/

7. Carbon38

Jennifer Lopez in carbon38 Active Yoga Wear

They were established by the highly accomplished dancers Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak, who met in the ballet class. To ensure the best quality products, the founders collaborate with a panel of health and wellness professionals on their products’ text-drive. Their proportions vary from XXS women to L.

Website: https://www.carbon38.com/

8. Green Apple Active

The designer and veteran athletic designer Cristofer Smith and his team members have combined innovative blends of clothing, color, and comfortable designs. It aims to produce fresh organic and biodegradable products. Natural Bamboo and Certified Organic Cotton are the staples of all clothes. They range in size from women’s S to L.

Website: https://www.greenappleactive.com/

9. Jala Clothing

Jala pieces are designed with the yogatic lifestyle in mind. The brand is based on the principles of beauty, meaning, comfort, and functionality. A family owned brand, Jala was founded in 2010 by Kelly Kolterman.

The company works with local family-owned businesses, recycles, and sources eco-friendly fabrics. California-based family-owned businesses handcraft each piece with love.

Jala is passionate about giving back to the community.

Website: https://www.jalaclothing.com/

10. Just a Yoga Wear

A revolutionary yoga and active clothing fair trade company based on ethically manufactured clothing by Chilean women earn fair wages. Both clothes are made by hand, and men’s clothing is coming soon. At present, their size ranges from women’s S to L. Considering that it’s all handmade, it’s worth a shot to email them for a particular size.

Website: https://www.justayogawear.net/

11. Karma Yoga

Rooted in fashion and athletics, Karma has been built to inspire and improve life by high, medium, and low-impact behaviors, including walking, yoga, bar, and après. The brand promises consistency, feature, and elegance to be powerful and motivated women. Their sizes vary from XS to XL for women.

Website: https://karma-yoga.net/

12. Montiel

Based on developing fitness favorites for women with high-quality fabrics and imaginative design. The brand offers a limited selection to focus on quality excellence. They are still proud of superior customer service. They range in scale from women’s XS to L.

Website: https://montiel.com/

13. Oiselle

Experience the transformative power of Oiselle, the running brand that captures the essence of freedom and flight. Created by Sally Bergesen, this brand embodies a feeling of weightlessness that will uplift your running journey.

With their stunning, perfectly fitting clothing designed for both the mat and the road, Oiselle offers an unparalleled range of sizes, from XS to L. Embrace the sensation of soaring with Oiselle and redefine your running experience.

Website: https://www.oiselle.com/

14. Poshmark

Based on making life products, one breath at a time. From their hometown, the Himalayas, the developers combine classic fashion concepts with the essence of yoga to communicate, engage and make a positive influence beyond the mat. Women’s size varies from US 2 (XXS) to US 12. (XL). Men’s size differs from S (30) to XXL (40).

Website: https://poshmark.com/brand/Yogasmoga

15. Sweatability

collections women-bras

Experience the heart and soul of Vancouver in every piece. Our products are not only crafted under ethical working practices and ensure equal pay for workers, but they are also approved by the EPA for their outstanding quality. Every purchase you make has the power to make a difference in a child’s life through our ‘BUY ONE FEED ONE’ scheme.

With sizes ranging from men’s S(36) to XXL, you can find the perfect fit and be a part of a movement that brings joy and nourishment to those in need. Choose purposeful fashion with us.

Website: https://www.sweatability.com/collections/strongbody-apparel

16. Werkshop

Individually designed in their Los Angeles design studio, 100% ethically and sustainably made, an Olympic-Quality compression cloth encourages good muscle management for relaxation and anti-chafing aids. Women’s and men’s sizes vary from XS to XL.

Website: https://www.werkshop.com/