Top 10 Indian Fashion Bloggers, You Should Follow in 2023

India has now become a major blogging country. Today, fashion blogging has become a mainstream profession thanks to social media sites, such as Instagram. Clothing, hair, attitude, style, decor, and style are all part of fashion.

Everybody does things in their own way. There are people like us who have Fashion in their veins, some who practice it, and others who need a style consultant to help them find theirs. Until recently, fashion enthusiasts had only their friends and families for advice. With the help of Indian fashion bloggers, anyone can get advice on good style.

Top fashion bloggers in India have spent years studying the influences of body shapes, colors, cultures, trends, and environments. Their creative styles have a solution to the problem. Their style is presented with the best presentation skills, and they offer fashion enthusiasts tips on staying current and trendy all the time.

Every blogger expresses fashion in a unique way, whether it’s through their everyday makeup routine, experiments, or styling videos.

The following are the top 10 fashion bloggers that help people choose their outfits.

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1. Gia Kashyap- Gia Says That

She started her blogging career in the Year 2009. This was the time when there were very few beauty bloggers. Gia wanted to do something interesting, also she wanted to do something interesting. This the story behind her fashion blog

Before becoming a blogger Gia used to work as a graphics designer. Today she is an influencer with verified accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Her favourite influencer is chrisellelim.

Gia Kashyap has done promotions for a very famous brand like Ponds, Olay, Tanishq, and Kaya. She mostly posts these things on her Instagram page. As of today, her blog is mostly about her travelling experience.

Quick Information


She is also a traveller and her Instagram account is a testimony of that. She is also a foodie and loves to eat where ever she travels. With her busy schedule, she manages to write 2-3 blog posts a month. Did we tell you that our fashion queen is a Mumbaikar!!

2. Tanya Sachdev – Lets Expresso’s

Tanya is a Delhi based Luxury Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger. She started her blog Lets Expresso in the year 2011 as a hobby. A NIFT graduate Tanya Sachdev has grown her blog to a full-fledged business.

She is skilled in Fashion Marketing, Fashion Blogging, Online Advertising, Brand Management, and Fashion Design. Just like other beauty bloggers, she is also a fan of travelling.

She is quite famous on Instagram but on twitter and youtube, she is way behind her fellow bloggers. She has worked with popular brands like Chaayos, The Loom and Lays.

She is still quite active on her blog. Even with the bust schedule, she manages to write 3-4 blog posts a month.





3. Nilu Yuleena Thapa – Big Hair Loud Mouth

With blue 128k followers and a blue tick on Instagram, fashion comes naturally to Nilu. Founder of the blog BigHairLoudMouth Nilu Yuleena Thapa started her fashion blogging in the year 2012. Not just blogging In, July 2017, Nilu was chosen to cover the IIFA 2017 held in New York, USA.

Her blog is primarily in three categories style, travel and beauty. In 2014 Nilu won the Best Blogger Styling Award at Splash Fashions held in Bangalore for which she was featured in Elle India. She has worked for brands like ONLY, Vodafone, NYKAA and NYX.

In recent time Nilu Yuleena Thapa has been travelling a lot. Her breathtaking picture form the exotic location of the world is a delight to see.

A graduate in Electronics and Electricals from Visvesvaraya Technological University Nilu lives in Bengaluru. In the year 2015, her blog was ranked 9th position at European Social Media Matrix Tool KPI, amongst the top blogger of the Globe.
Nilu’s favourite season is spring and her favourite travel destination is Bali.





4. Juhi Godambe

Being the daughter of makeup artist Bharat Godambe and Dorris Godambe, fashion and beauty came naturally to her. This 24-year-old, Mumbai girl is a graduate from London School of Fashion.

At the age of 22, she was invited to blog for Lakmé Fashion Week. She is also the founder of online clothing brand Arabellaa. Juhi has also been named Fashion Influencer Of The Month by Exhibit Magazine.

juhi godambe hot bikini fashion blogger
Image source Instagram

Bikini Captions for Instagram

Juhi is very fond of travelling and loves to explore fashion all around the world. She is quite famous on the social media website Instagram. A more than 2 lakh people take fashion advice from her on Instagram.





5. The Snob Journal – Aashna Shroff

She Makes around 10 lakh per month through her blog and Instagram. This girl should be a motivation for all. She one of the most featured fashion blogger in India right now. She has been featured on portals like myglamm, TataCliq.
With more than 7 lakh follower and a blue tick on Instagram, she is riding a wave of fame and success.

She has worked and promoted most of the famous brands like Nykaa, @lorealmakeup and Pantene India. and much more. She has also authored a book Aashna Shroff Romance Box Set (Hindi Edition).
Aashna started her blog TheSnobJournal in the year 2015. Since then she has been pretty active on the blog. Aashna talks about fashion beauty and travels on her blog.

Apart from being a fashion blogger, she has also become a travel blogger. She manages to write 2-3 blog post in a month. From being a pre-school teacher to becoming one of the topmost fashion bloggers is quite a journey.

Aashna Shroff fashion blogger

Website: DA: 22 Alexa Rank: 891,995




Her WordPress blog is using the theme Holly and Weave.

6. MyHauteLife- Sonam Lakhani

From a designer to a fashion stylist and then a famous fashion blogger, Sonam’s professional career has seen a lot of transition. Her blog is a celebration of all the things that she loves- fashion, travel and food.
Website StatsDA-33, Alexa Rank- 659,028
Instagram myhautelife
sonam lakhani fashion blogger India in bikini

From living in an Igloo in Finland and spotting the Aurora Borealis in the North Pole to skydiving in New Zealand and chilling in BoraBora, she has done it all. 

In her personal life also Sonam has gone through some drastic transformation. She used to be fat but then she lost weight and become slim and trim.

7. MsCocoQueen- Sukhneet Wadhwa
Website StatsDA-23, Alexa Rank- 1,973,596

With a blog full of beautiful, fun and easy tutorials, Sukhneet Wadhwa’s blog Ms Coco Queen is all about being on-trend and being yourself both at the same time. She named her blog after two of her favourite designers Coco Channel and Alexander Queen.

Sukhneet Wadhwa fashion blogger india
Image credit: Instagram

Sukhneet recently joined PopXO blog network too. An Economics (Hons.) and a Masters in Finance, she didn’t love her corporate seat much longer. Hence she decided to follow my fashionable dream. She liked being her own boss, so soon started her own blog.

As of today 25 Jan 2020, her blog is showing a lot of errors.

8. Love and Other Bugs- Shereen Sikka & Trishala Sikka
Shereen Sikka fashion blogger red dress
Image source: Instagram

This blog is run by two sisters Shereen Sikka and Trishala Sikka. A graduate of the London College of Fashion and former celebrity stylist, Shereen has always been great at fashion and beauty. Now she is influencing around 277k people through her Instagram and fashion blog.

trishala sikka fashion blogger

Both the sisters mostly blogs about fashion, beauty travel and bridal stuff. The features many popular brands.

The Dramatic Diva- Nishtha Gandhi
Website StatsDA-11, Alexa Rank- 7,871,792
Nishtha Gandhi indian fashion blogger bikini goa

Nishtha Gandhi is one of the most featured fashion bloggers of India.

So these were the top fashion blogger of India who is influencing the public the way fashion. These youths have made a career out of it and this is an inspiration for other aspiring bloggers.

Ashita Agarwal

Ashita is one of the best fashion and lifestyle blogs in Mumbai. Crunchy Fashion is a blog that specializes in creating a trend instead of following one. Ashita is one of the bloggers who want to create an inexpensive luxury fashion trend. Style isn’t about wasting bucks a day to be trendy; excitement is what makes Fashion great. She’s had stories of Indian clothing, Indo-Western design, traditional clothing, comfort hacks, and many more. This blog always keeps you up to date with ease and convenience. If you can’t afford new clothes every day, adopt The Crunchy Fashion for pocket-friendly fashion and lifestyle ideas.


Karron S Dhingra

Instagram fashion blogger in Delhi. Theformaledit is the best blog for boys who love to travel and need advice on clothes for edgy styles and wardrobe inspirations. His experimentation in styles and color combos is going to make you one of his followers. His fashion tips are up to date and on the mark, making him stand out from the box. If luxury can be described as fashion, it’s done well. From pink to purple, any hue has magic; you just need to match it right, which is what his Instagram suggests. Will you want to try experimental fashion and styling tricks? He’s the one you ought to pursue.


Param Sahib

One of Instagram’s best fashion bloggers in India. Parambanana is a blog that deals with color and creativity. Art, music, Disney, unicorns, butterflies, and what’s not-Param, it’s all visuals. Quirkiest and craziest designs are the ones that justify his personality. If you ask him to pick one color from the rainbow for his theme, he’ll take all of them to be done. All of his looks have a lot of colors and visuals that can carry you to another world.

He has his own fashion brand, ‘Param Sahib Clothing,’ where all his vivid imaginations are drawn on his garments. If you’re restricted in your preference of color, this blog will make you fall in love with any color that has ever existed.


Nitin Sood and Sana Sood

The most famous pair of fashion bloggers. Happy Shappy is the blog you ought to track for your wedding’s stylish ideas. They give life to your wedding fantasies, and they find inspiration from your likes, love, or desires. Pink lehengas, jewelry, beauty looks, wedding themes-they specialize in these items and are outstanding planners. They also feature a wide range of venues, wedding caterers, wedding invites and card designers, and the latest fashion trends. So, why go to 100 stores to have a dream wedding while this blog will fix your problems by clicking on it?


Rhea Gupta

One of the best vintage fashion sites ever. The Fuss is one of the trendiest fashion sites in the world. You’ll find any beach experiment you’ve ever dreamed of in this blog. Rhea is a fashion blogger who likes to play with waves, oceans, lakes, and dark colors to convey her look. She has partnered with top brands, including L’Oreal, Tommy, and Nike. A daydreaming component is perfectly described in her blog as having clouds, playing with waves and flowers. There are other creations on her website as well as Instagram posts. Her sense of style and vintage style is something you’re going to learn to follow.


Ankita Shrivastava

Ankita is one of the best fashion and beauty blogs in the world. Corallista is one of the most popular beauty and makeup blogs. Ankita, the author of this blog, loves makeup and bright coral; she began this blog as a hobby that soon became her passion. Her beauty tricks and tutorials make her number of people dropping. It’s followed by more than 5lakh people and is more common on YouTube.

You will find all sorts of beauty guides, from the latest Deepika Padukone style to party looks. Smokey eyes, messy buns, skincare tricks, and best makeup items, every type of beauty tip is featured on her tutorial pages and YouTube channel.