Jennifer Katharine Gates-Lifestyle | Hobbies | Bio

Daughter to the richest man in the world Jennifer Katharine Gates has surely born with a silver spoon. She is a medical student and a professional horse rider.

Who is Jennifer Katharine Gates?

Jennifer Katharine Gates is the eldest daughter of Bill Gates. This gorgeous 23 years old horse rider usually comes in news for her boyfriend Nayel Nassar. She was raised by her mother in Catholic ways. She attended a private elementary school as well as a private high school.

Gates kept the life of their children mostly private. She studied biology at Stanford University. Her net worth is estimated to be around 20 million USD.

She takes active parts in his parent’s philanthropic activities. She loves to travel. Jennifer keeps her Instagram updated with images from vacations around the world.

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Quick Bio

Name:Jennifer Katharine Gates
Age:23 Years
Date of Birth:26 April 1996
Famous for:Being Bill Gates Daughter
Net Worth:20 Million
Boyfriend:Nayel Nassar
Marital Status:Never Married
Profession:Horse Riding

Jennifer Katharine Gates Net Worth

Despite being the daughter to the richest man in the world, Jennifer will not be inheriting a butt load of money. She will be inheriting only the fracton of Bill Gates money. Her father has already donated 97% of his money for philanthropy.

Jennifer Katharine Gates Net Worth is estimated to be around 20 million.

She also wants to make it on her own just like her father. She is still very young. She has a long way to go and accumulate more wealth.

Professional Life

After completing her schooling from the most elite school of Seattle Lake Side School she went to study medicine at Stanford University.

Jennifer is a professional horse rider. She recently participated in the 2018 Longines Global Champions Tour. As of today, she is ranked 19th in show jumping by The United States Equestrian Federation.

Love Life

Jennifer is definitely not single. She is currently dating professional equestrian and showjumper Nayel Nassar. Her love affair is posted all over her Instagram. Both Jennifer and Nayel meet at Stanford University, where they both went to study.

The couple kept their relationship secret for a year. On 15th January 2018, they made their relationship public by wishing each other one year anniversary. Jennifer Gates got engaged to her boyfriend on 30th Jan 2020.

Fun Facts

  • Jennifer was not allowed to use a phone until she was 13.
  • She is often compared to Steve Jobs daughter, Eve Jobs. Both have a passion for horse riding and both their father loved technology.
  • She started horse riding at the age of 6.
  • Jennifer has a pet dog named Earl Grey.
  • She enjoys travelling and horse riding.
  • Jennifer’s father Bill Gates spent $1 million just for her hobby.
  • She kept her relationship with her boyfriend private for a year.

Image Source: Instagram