12 Types of Female Models in 2023, Which You wanna become?

Female models dominate the world of advertisements. Female models are required to sell the product as small as an eyelash, to as big as an aeroplane. Depending on the types of there can be different types of female models. Female modelling adds the glamour quotient to the advertisement and usually grabs more eyeballs among audiences.

Many celebrities, including well-known singers, actors, sports personalities, and reality TV stars works as a model besides the regular work. The famous face can better connect with the audience. Your body types determine which type of female model you wanna become.

1. Instagram Model

This is one of the most famous, latest, and most criticized categories of models. On Instagram, anyone can become a model. There is no age, color, height weight requirement. You just need to have an urge to look pretty. Brands have shown a great inclination towards Instagram modeling.

Celebrities from all genres like sports movies and music today are working as Instagram models. Instagram modeling has opened lots of doors for lots of people, thanks to getting viral features. You can go form girl next door to, the face of a major brand overnight.

Even though there are no criteria to become an Instagram model, however, you should be great at taking a selfie.

2. Glamour Model

Glamour models are the most sensual, their poses are more sexually suggestive or alluring than what a fashion model would do.
They are generally more curvy and voluptuous than editorial fashion models. Glamour models are also fit for swimsuit and lingerie models as well.

Glamour Model in golden dress by the water stream

Glamour models usually work for lingerie brands, swimsuit brands, and hot dresses. Models who appear on the cover of adult magazines can also be considered as glamour models.

3. Fashion (Editorial) Model

Fashion models are the most in-demand type of models. They work for famous fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Glamour, etc. They are most preferred by luxury clothing and lifestyle brands. International brands like Armani, Parada, Gucci, etc. are always in search of fashion models to launch and advertise their products.

fashion model with bags in hand story hippo

Fashion or editorial modeling is one of the hardest jobs to get. You must fulfill certain criteria to become a fashion model and figure is most important of them.

Requirement to become a Female Fashion Model:

  • Model Height Requirement: 5’9” to 6”.
  • Model Measurement Requirement: 34-24-34. (There are exceptions within one inch, and maybe two, of this standard.)
  • Age Requirement of a Model: 16-21 years old.
  • Model Size Requirement: 0-4.
  • Weight Requirement of a Model: 105-130 lbs., directly proportional to the height

4. Runway Model

confident catwalk model on the ramp long dress

This one the most famous type of female modeling and which hires in bulk. Every type of female model once or more in her life will dream to become a catwalk model. Catwalk models are usually a minimum of 5 feet, 9 inches tall, but taller is preferred.
Every fashion designer has a certain requirement in terms of the bodily appearance of their runway models.
This way they are able to fit the clothes that designers are going to be showing to their clients.

Requirement to become a Runway Model:

  • Model Height Requirement: 5’9” to 6”.
  • Model Measurement Requirement: 34-24-34. (There are exceptions within one inch, and maybe two, of this standard.)
  • Age Requirement of a Model: usually around 16-21 years old.

A catwalk model need to work on her posture. They are also required to perfect their cat-walking skills to walk on the runway.

5. Swimsuit or Lingerie Model

Lingerie or bikini models are used to model with products like bras, panties, garters, robes, and other beautiful undergarments in photo shoots, runway shows, and commercial shoots. The first requirement to be a lingerie model that she must be voluptuous and photogenic.

bikini-model-posing beach

Reuirements to be a Lingeries Model

  • Should know how to pose and move their bodies in Lingerie, bikini, and underwear.
  • A lingerie modeling, models should strive to have properly clean, smooth, moisturized skin, and a well-toned body.
  • The body should neither be too skinny nor too muscular.
  • The bust and booty should also be in good portions to fit the lingerie and swimming outfits.
  • Should be confident, sexy, and know-how to move and pose.

6. Plus-Size Model

With the increase in demand for plus size clothing a new opportunity has opened up for plus size models. Many famous brands have have a separate plus-size division, which caters to buyers who are plus in size.

Plus Size Indian Models

In the recent days, due to movements like Body Positive, modelling agencies are now looking for plus size models.

The requirements of for a plus-size model is simple, besides the shape of your body, it is important to be comfortable in your own skin. You must be confident, and promote a healthy lifestyle focused on mental and physical well-being.

The ideal height for runways for a plus-size model is between 5’9’’ to 6’’. Many plus-size models like Skra Lawrence, Ashley Graham, Tabria Majors, and Hayley Hasselhoff have taken the modeling world by storm.
Maurices, SheIn, Simply Be, ASOS and Curvissa are some of the famous plus size clothing brands.

7. Fitness Models

Fitness modeling has grown to a very large extent after Instagram. Nowadays anybody can become a fitness model, however, there are some criteria. A fitness model should be very athletic, fit, and toned. There is a wide variety of brands that rely on fitness models to sell their products. Supplements manufacturer, fitness wear, gym equipment manufacturer, and sportswear industry requires fitness modeling.

muscular fitness female model

Many fitness trainers later become fitness models in their careers. People with a significant weight loss can also work as a fitness model. Sapna Vyas is one of the best examples of a fitness model. She lost a significant wright and got her perfect body. Now she coaches other people in weight loss and fitness.
Some note fitness models are – Ana Cherí, Joselyn Cano, and Stephanie Marie

fitness models type pose

8. Promotional Model

You must have seen a pretty woman dressed gorgeously at a product launch, trade shows, conventions, and live events. A promotional model should be outgoing and with excellent communication skills. She should also have a profound knowledge of the client’s products as they might have to answer questions regarding the product.

promotional models in short dress at an event

There is no particular demand for height or weight, in promo modeling. It’s easier for a model to start with promotional modeling before she lands other modeling jobs.

9. Catalog Model

With growing demand in eCommerce activities catalog model are very much in demand. They are used to showcase a product while using them or wearing them. Demand for Catalog models are growing in the clothing. As more and more retailers are selling their products online lot of jobs have opened up for catalog modelling.

young models photo shoot for catalog
photo created by cookie_studio – www.freepik.com

10. Petite Model

Petite models are the models who don’t fit the typical criteria of modeling regarding height, weight, and body shape. With the fashion industry becoming increasingly diverse day by day it is no longer restricted to models with long legs only. With petite modeling, you don’t need to be 6-foot tall to take the industry by storm.

Petite Model posing hairs

Famous petite models like Lily-Rose Depp and Cara Delevigne have proven themselves and made a name for them in the industry. They are also made the opportunity of girls like to make a career in fashion and modeling.

11. Mature Model

With the modelling industry getting a more diverse age limit in modeling is no longer a limit. Senior or woman over the age of 40 is as desirable as 25 years old. Mature models are even getting featured in sports illustrated, which is typically for only young and hot.

senior mature old female posing model with dog

Nicola Griffin is the oldest model to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated thanks to the #Swimsexy campaign. She was on the cover at the age of 56.

12. Kids Model

Even baby products needs selling . In recent times baby models are very much in demand for advertising on TV, internet and Social Media. Even many of todays famous models once started their career as at a very your age.

young girl kids female modelling