50 New Car Caption to Flaunt your Prized Possession on Instagram

Getting a new car is always exciting. Whether it’s your first car you have bought cars in the past, a car always feels exciting. Why not show your excitement on Instagram with this lovely Instagram caption.

  • Hello new car
  • Happy new car day to me.
  • Guess who has arrived.
  • Welcome home
  • Kicking bucket list goals.
  • Hard work pays off, so I decided to treat myself.
  • This will definitely break some necks.
  • Pull up in a rover.
  • Because the engines make me look hot.
  • And in the end, every effort has its reward.
  • I wasn’t feeling cute, but my brand new car says otherwise.
  • My new happy place.
  • My 12 years old self must be screaming from the rooftop.
  • From mom van to milf mobile.
  • Have to learn how to fight for the parking spot.
  • It’s there any place where they teach how to fight for a parking spot.
  • When one dream comes true, you go for a new one.
  • Someone pinch me.a