Best Diwali Captions for Instagram 2020

Amidst this pandemic Diwali is like a ray of hope in darkness. Every year in late autumn Diwali light up our faces for five days straight. This Hindi festival is celebrated by millions all over the world. It signifies the Triumph of good over evil and light overcoming the darkness and new beginning.

Since 2020 has been little less festive so far social media is going to play an important role in celebrating this festival. The festival stats with back to back fireworks following with worshiping the goddess of wealth Devi Laxmi and ends up in mouthwatering dinner pictures.

Just in case you want to alert everybody on your feed about your Diwali celebration or send love to your family miles away, we have got you covered. This year you don’t need to use those overused captions like it’s lit or Be a pataka, don’t burst one.

Here is a list of some cool Diwali captions your can use with your festival photos.

  • Saree drapes, the struggle is real.
  • Obligatory Diwali pose
  • Adding a little sparkle to your feed.
  • My balance diet is a ladoo in each hand.
  • Follow your light.
  • You cannot share food over zoom
  • Alexa play fireworks by Katy Perry
  • Honey, you must be Diya, cause you light up my world.
  • Burn Corona burn.
  • The Carnival of Lights parade has arrived in the city.
  • Diwali celebrations in can never be complete without Dhol & Bollywood Dancing with friends & family!
  • Diwali’s key message of light over darkness and friendship over enmity is one we can all learn from.
  • Oh light! The purveyor of all, the dispenser of joy. welcome
  • Carnival of lights cheered up a dark November evening with colors, lights, and music.