The Kissing Booth 2 Quotes, Netflix Movie

Everybody favorite teenage romantic movie The Kissing Booth is back on Netflix. Along with it pretty Elle and her love problem are back too.

  • With different zip codes, breakups are basically automatic.
  • The best thing to hold on to in life is each other.
  • You obviously couldn’t see this, but my heart just did a backflip. -Elle
  • When you are not sure where you stand, sometimes a leap of faith is the only move you can make.
  • You have literally been letting me down your entire life.
  • I don’t know Flynn but If I found someone who I love, that was smart and funny and liked the same stuff that I liked, I’d never make her feel like that. – Marco
  • You can’t really hold on to someone, Cause the tighter you hold on to them the more they wanna slip away. – Marco
  • The difference from what you expected, to what actually happens can make you look at the future in a very different way. – Elle when Flynn lied about going to the band.
  • Perhaps the earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road.

Elle describing Marco on Intercom

And at last here’s Elle describing how hot she finds Marco

God! the OMGs were right. This guy is a snack, indeed.

Maybe an entree, Maybe he is also the desert too.

Maybe he is the after-after dessert! He is the big meal we are having right now.

He could bench you; us together at the same time.

I am confused, do I need Glasses. Am I looking at a tray of ice-cubes or a six-pack? Am I right? It’s incredible.

It’s like the sweat produces its own glitter.

Hello, can we get two tickets to the gun show, please? Because are those arms or cannon.

If those abs had Instagram, One million followers all day.

I am not really a butt Person, But, like, now I understand people who are! I don’t know whether to lick it, smack it, bite it… I wanna do all three of those things.

Just call me an earth Quake because I am legit shook right now.

What is his name again?