WATCH: This Witty Video Starring Virat Kohli Puts A New Spin On The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Come Wedding Season, there’s one line you will hear from every family: “We don’t want anything, but the wedding should be grand.” This statement is repeated with each demand which grows with time. First, it is just on the Grandiosity of the Mandap, then goes for extra cars and better accommodation for the guest. This extra demand has to be accommodated by the organizing party, often the girl’s family, has to go to make the preparations ‘just right’, which is not fair at all.

A pat on the back has to be given to most Indian Families, because of the way and how far it has come where weddings are concerned. On the other is a hard-hitting question: If the families share the good times and the bad, the tear filled moments or joyous ones, then why is the cost of the wedding placed on the girl’s family and why is it not shared?

This video by Manyavar, featuring Virat Kohli, could not have said it any better. A wedding is a union of not just two people, but also of two families. So, it’s only fair that they divide the cost aadha aadha. The man said it, after all: Maan dene se Maan milta hai.