‘BookMyChotu’ sends helper to stand in Queues at Banks and ATMs at Rs 90/hr

Bookmychotu.com which provides handymen and helpers for various chores, is now offering to send people to stand in queues in front of ATMs at Rs 90 per hour.

An idea comes out of certain day-to-day problems faced by people is identified and a service or product is designed as a solution to it. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and a daily withdrawal limit from ATMs of Rs 2500 and exchange of Rs 4000 per day for old currency, one thing has been constant- the long queues in front of banks and ATMs.


The prices have been listed on the website, where one hour cost Rs 90, two hours at 170, three hours for Rs 260, four hours for Rs 330, five hours for Rs 380, six hours for Rs 450, seven hours for Rs 500, and eight hours for Rs 550. The price constant deteriorates and becomes cheaper to hire helpers for longer periods of time.

“Are you short of cash? Need a Helper to stand in Queue of the bank or ATM till the time your turn comes,” ask the Noida-based company in its promo for the service. It also states that these ‘Chotu’s’ will not impersonate you and will stand in line until your turn comes and not perform your duties in the bank.

“They will just stand in the queue for our customers as we understand that there can be some emergency and our helpers can help you in the same by saving your valuable time.”

Chotu’s mean “little ones” and is generally termed to the children who are employed in dhabas to serve the customers. The company has stated that the people working in the company are all over the age of 18, but have no problem in called as Chotu.

“Chotu is just a name and the same is being used for branding purposes. We have no intentions to hurt anyone’s sentiments,” it said. The use of the word could lead to some ruffled feathers, though it is commonplace in traditional feudal set-ups in India to refer to one’s employees as ‘beta’(son) even if that person is a grown-up.

Besides standing at ATM queues, the ‘Chotus’ can also do basic cleaning, help in shifting, help in organizing a party or religious get-together. They also help in going to the market and can go and purchase grocery items from nearby stores.

Besides, says the company, you cannot refuse to pay for something that you sent the Chotu to buy in the first place. “If you send Chotu for purchasing any items from the market, then you are responsible for all payments.”