Want to Know How Much Dhoni’s and Virat’s Bat Cost! Check It Out Here!

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni are among the most popular names in the cricket world and fans are more than crazy to know each happening related to the legendary cricketers. Their bats are also a topic of discussion and followers wish to know how much their bats cost.

Cost of Kohli’s bat:

28-yr-old Kohli is one of the best batsmen of India and all his activities are thoroughly observed by fans, media and cricket fraternity. What’s more, his willow attracts fans’ attention and interest and people are curious to know the cost of the bat that the right-handed player uses.

As per the reports of Cricwizz, the Indian captain’s Grade A English Willow which has a curved blade costs nearly Rs. 20,000.

The cost of a bat depends on the number of grains or lines on its surface which basically assists in analyzing its age. Kohli’s bat has 8-12 grains which implies that its cost is between Rs. 17K and Rs. 23K.

Cost of Dhoni’s bat:

MS Dhoni captain of Chennai Super King leave the ground after practice ahead of IPL match against Mumbai Indian at Wankhede on Friday. Express Photo by Prashant Nadkar. 09.05.2014. Mumbai.

Dhoni has an amazing striking ability and his batting is basically about brute force and power, taking into consideration the fact that he’s not the most technically efficient cricketer.

Spartan Warrior bat is used by Dhoni and if you search for its price, it will be nearly Rs. 6,000 on the internet. However, Chris Gayle, the WI batsman prefers a nine-piece cane handle of Spartan Warrior and the cost of such limited edition bats is between Rs. 25K and Rs. 30K after adding a sticker of green color. Interestingly, cost of a bat doubles from Rs. 10K to Rs. 20K after the sticker.