Virat And Anushka Have Special Message for Holi For Dog Lovers and it is Super Adorable

First of all Happy Holi to All, All of you must have celebrated holi with much fanfare taking shots of Bhang and coloring each other. The celebration was at full swing yesterday and we all were a spectator to all the revelry which took place either in our locality or on television.

Virat also came up with a special message for Holi, like he did for Women’s Day and Valentine’s Day for his lady love Anushka. But this time his messages had a special breed of animals involved. He showed his love for dogs by posting this adorable message about not coloring dogs. Even though Holi is a festival of water and color it is important not to get too caught up in enjoying the festival that you end up affecting animals in the end.

His post read, “Have a Very Happy and a Safe #holi everyone. Please take care of the silent ones. #HappyHoli #SafeHoli”

He took to Instagram as well, posting a video of him wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Holi.

Here’s what he said,”Happy Holi everybody. Have a great day today. Please make sure no harm is done to the animals on the streets. God bless all.”

Even Anushka took to the social media in a similar tweet to all, but only in the style of ‘Shashi’. She was in full swing promotion of her movie ‘Phillauri’ and hence, chose that style. Her message was the same, Save all Animals and show them some human touch of kindness.

The post read “#ShashiWas There jab ispe rang daala gaya. Jaanwaron ko rang pasand nahi. Insaan sirf insaano ke saath Holi khelein pls! Happy & safe Holi.

These posts are very heartfelt and this is what is called True Love. And if more stars come out in support for meaningful causes then the country would have more to benefit than lose.