India Hoists Tallest National Flag at Indo-Pak Border! Pakistan Fears It Could be Spying!

India hoisted the tallest national flag at the Attari border, thereby making Indians proud and Pakistanis insecure. Yes, it is a 360 feet flag and was hoisted at the Attari-Wagah border check post. The most interesting thing about it is that it can be spotted from Lahore which is in Pakistan as well.

More about the flag

The new flag which weighs 55 tonnes, is hoisted on a 360 feet high pole; the length of the flag is 120 feet and the breadth is 80 feet. Don’t you want to know the price? Well, Rs 3.50 crores was spent by Amritsar Improvement Trust on this project.

The foundation is very strong and it is capable of withstanding high-velocity winds i.e. up 180km/hour. It was hoisted by Anil Joshi, the Punjab Local Bodies Minister and BJP Leader. A private company will look after the flag maintenance; it has its maintenance contract for 3 years.

The flag is surely going to be a great attraction for all the tourists; based on motorized mechanism, the flag will be lowered only if there is some wear and tear.

Pakistan is unhappy

Pakistan is quite unhappy with this decision and wants the flag to be installed away from the border. Yes, the nation is the opinion that this flag has violated international treaties. Pakistani officials feel that India has installed cameras on the pole, for spying.

Indian authorities gave clarifications that the installation was done 200 meters away from the zero line and hence, the treaties aren’t violated. Anil Joshi said “Not to my knowledge. It is our national flag and nobody can stop us from hoisting it on our soil.”

This is indeed a proud moment for India; now, we can boost of all tallest flag!